Apr 8, 2013 3:58 pm

New Here?

I would like to take this opportunity to update you just in case you typed in desiringjesus.org or calvarysantafe.org. We used to be Calvary Santa Fe and are currently in the process of going through a name change. We have updated our website, but not entirely.

So please feel free to look around. In case you’ve been wanting to check out some of Dr. White’s debates that he has done at Calvary Santa Fe, you can still access those from the menu bar at the top > Teachings > Gospel Life Sermon Archive and search through the old website to view those debates as well as past Discern Conferences, etc.

If you have any questions or concerns about the transition from Calvary Santa Fe to Gospel Life, please feel free to contact us on our contact page, or at info@gospelsf.org. And keep checking back with us as we are currently updating all of our website information.

Thanks and God bless!

– Jeremy Menicucci

This post was written by Jeremy Menicucci

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