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The Myths and Realities of Marriage Equality

In The Definition of Marriage

On the outset, I think it is important that we’re on the same page as to what is meant by equality. Obviously the name indicates the understanding of “equal”. As it pertains to people, the idea is that people who exist in equality have equal rights, opportunities, statuses, etc. The term also is used of mathematical equations whereby a statement on one side of an equation, though different, is equal to a statement on the other side by virtue working out the equation by the rules of mathematics to demonstrate exactly that one side equals the other side¬†identically.¬† (more…)

Noah Not Even Close

I actually had one suspicion confirmed by a great review from Dr. Joel McDurmon. Basically, we enjoyed Russell Crowe in “Gladiator”. Then enjoyed him in Robin Hood which was just “Gladiator” in the woods. We now have “Gladiator” in an Ark.

In other words “Noah” (more…)

The Not So Son of God

I went ahead and watched the Son of God movie despite the fact that I was well aware of what it was going to be: really bad. Not in terms of cinematography, not in terms of cgi (which was really bad), but in terms of the fact that it did nothing to present the Biblical Jesus.

There are several main areas that I take issue with that I believe firmly overthrow any semblance of the Gospel Message. (more…)