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Which Bible Translation?

Recently, we’ve made the decision to switch from using the New King James Version (NKJV) corporately as a church to using the English Standard Version (ESV). Several questions naturally arise in this case: (more…)

Online Bible Study

You really do have to love plugins and what they can do to enhance a website. Particularly in bringing the Bible to the Gospel Life website. Not just the Bible, but other resources as well, such as the Greek New Testament, commentaries, etc. (more…)

When Heaven Isn’t For Real

I do want to comment on a particular point before I start. I recognize that I have a daunting task in reaching Christians with this review. The reason being, is not because the information that I present isn’t accurate but because there is an incredible emotional barrier to get through. (more…)

Youth Study on the Fear of the Lord

[dropcap1]W[/dropcap1]e’ve started our youth study on the fear of the Lord and it’s been a huge joy for me to go through this with the youth. I’ve already noticed this study impacting my life, and I can only hope that it is doing the same for the youth. (more…)

Couple of Updates

I’m pleased to announce our voicemail system is back up and running! We were able to have a technician work his technical skills and restore our voicemail. (more…)

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