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Check out the latest messages from our current Sunday morning or Wednesday evening messages as well hundreds of apologetics and teaching resources.

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Gospel Life Community Church is a Christian fellowship commited to living out the Gospel Life. We emphasize three primary areas of living the Gospel Life.

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If you have any questions about Gospel Life Community Church or you would like to send us a prayer request please feel free to do so.

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Latest Blog Entries

Which Bible Translation?

Recently, we've made the decision to switch from using the New King James Version (NKJV) corporately as a church to using the English Standard Version (ESV). Several questions naturally arise in this case: …

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Online Bible Study

You really do have to love plugins and what they can do to enhance a website. Particularly in bringing the Bible to the Gospel Life website. Not just the Bible, but other resources as well, such as the Greek New Testament, commentaries, etc. …

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When Heaven Isn't For Real

I do want to comment on a particular point before I start. I recognize that I have a daunting task in reaching Christians with this review. The reason being, is not because the information that I present isn't accurate but because there is an…

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